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SPVS VMG Congress 2020 Sustainability Stream Podcasts

These podcasts are selected from the Sustainability Workshop sessions at the 2020 SPVS VMG Congress, held at Celtic Manor, Newport.

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Greening up the Vet Profession: The case for a professional approach

Ellie West, Davies Veterinary Specialists and April Sotomayor, Investors in the Environment.

What exactly is sustainability? Is it carbon or waste or both? And what could and should veterinary practices be focusing on to make the biggest impact? Ellie West is a leading light in veterinary sustainability, campaigning within the wider profession as well as leading by example in her own role at Davies Veterinary Specialists. She has worked with and been advised by April Sotomayor from Investors in the Environment. Quite apart from the ethical obligations, they believe that sustainability makes good business sense.

Sustainability Saves Money

Clare Topping, Northampton General Hospital

Clare Topping is a Chartered Environmentalist and self-styled ‘Eco Ninja’ who works for Northampton General Hospital as Energy and Sustainability Manager

She saved hundreds of thousands of pounds, and won environmental awards with her campaign to green up the hospital.

How We Did It… and Won an Award!

Ellie West, Davies Veterinary Specialists

Ellie shares her journey towards putting the principles of environmental sustainability into practice. She explains how she brought the team and her bosses at a top referral practice with her and the benefits they have seen, from recruitment and retention of staff to customer approval.

She describes how Davies Veterinary Specialists gained their Green Level accreditation with Investors in the Environment.

Plastic and other Waste: Are you Compliant

Anne Woolridge, Independent Safety Services (ISSL)

Are you confident that you are compliant in waste management? If so, whose advice are you taking? You have legal, moral and professional obligations in terms of waste management and they are not always in complete alignment. Rules and regulations also change regularly.
Quite apart from your legal requirements, if you want to try and save waste and save the planet, it is good to understand where your effort will have most impact.

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