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SPVS VMG Congress 2020 Wellbeing Stream Podcasts

These podcasts are selected from the Wellbeing Workshop sessions at the 2020 SPVS VMG Congress, held at Celtic Manor, Newport.

Wellbeing in the Workplace in partnership with RCVS Mind Matters Initiative

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Inclusion and Equality in the Workplace

Do your team all have a sense of belonging?

Quite apart from your legal responsibilities around equality, a feeling of exclusion or otherness - or at worst outright prejudice - can contribute to poor mental health and low performance.

In this PodCast the panel discusses how together we can work towards a more diverse, equal and inclusive profession.

Chair: Clare Balding

Panel: Susan Dawson, MMI
Dan Makin, BVLGBt+
Navaratnam Partheeban, BVEDS
Ebony Escalona, VSGD
Andrew Whitfield-Roberts, White Cross Vets

Caroline Pearson on Leadership, with a Debate

Caroline Pearson, Progressive Vet Consulting and discussion with a panel of Wellbeing Award Winners.

Good leadership is central to team morale and wellbeing. So how can you be the leader you want to be? We all have a past and, good or bad, it contributes to who we are and our strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Effective people and business leadership relies on exceptional self-leadership.

Caroline Pearson offers a unique combination of expertise to empower personal and practice progression

Panel: Nadine Lock, Blue Cross
Sally Courtney, Vets4Pets, Northampton
Tracey Morley-Jewkes, Willows Veterinary Centre and Referrals

Dan Tipney on Civility in Practice

Dan Tipney discusses behaviour in professional practice.

It is likely that at some point everyone will encounter difficult people at work, but when that person is in a position of authority or seniority and their behaviour is not challenged, they can become a risk. Not only can their behaviour impact on the Wellbeing of others, it can put clients, the team and animals in danger. Dan Tipney will share the evidence from within the NHS and campaigns such as ‘Civility Saves Lives’ and considers how best to apply this learning to the veterinary profession.

Dan Tipney: Dan provides valuable insights and experience gained from his perspectives observing human performance across multiple fields

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