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SPVS VMG Congress 2020 Management Mastery Stream Podcasts

These podcasts are selected from the Management Mastery Workshop sessions at the 2020 SPVS VMG Congress, held at Celtic Manor, Newport.

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Peace in a War Zone: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Tracey Morley Jewkes, Willows Referral Services & Veterinary Centre

Peace and harmony at work are things we all want. Occasionally things go wrong. How do you handle the heat? How do you carve a new path to turn the raging torrent into a stream of serenity and synergy with a few simple questions? How do you transform handbags (or manbags) at dawn into harmony and happiness? Join Tracey for a few easy tools to add to your kit bag to take some of the more stressful elements of management into a calmer, more effective place... fast!

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