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COVID-19 and The Veterinary Profession: Life in Practice

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Cornish Vet Practices Working Together

Lizzy Whiting, City Road Vets.

As we move from the initial lockdown phase to consider a gradual lifting of restrictions, how your neighbouring practice interprets government guidance will become even more important. Nicky Paull spoke to Lizzy Whiting from City Road Vets in Cornwall about Cornish vets are working together to ensure a joined-up approach and a consistent message to pet owners.

Recorded 17 April 2020 

Business (almost) as usual for Out of Hours services

Dave Leicester, Vets Now.

Out of Hours clinics, treating emergency cases are as busy as usual. Vets Now offer their OOH service through 62 partner practices and three 24/7 hospitals. Nick Stuart spoke to Dave Leicester about how they are coping with the extra demands of physical distancing and staff absence.

Recorded 16 April 2020

Impact of Covid 19: a survey of SPVS and VMG Members

Pete Orpin, SPVS.

A survey was sent by SPVS and VMG to their members to gain more information about the impact of COVID 19 and subsequent changes of working on veterinary practices. A total of 171 responses were received between 24/03/2020 and 31/03/2020. Pete Orpin from SPVS, talks to Nick Stuart about the survey findings and some of the follow up support that is planned.
The results of the survey can be seen on and

Coronavirus across Europe

Rens Vandobbenburgh, President Federation of Veterinarians of Europe.

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe has had a busy few weeks reacting to questions and concerns from the 40 countries that they represent, in total over 300,000 vets. Nick Stuart caught up with FVE President, Rens Vandobbenburgh to discuss the developing situation across the continent.

The Dog’s Trust talk about changes they are seeing as a result of the crisis.

Runa Hannagan and Adam Clowes.

Probably as a result of so many people finding themselves at home without a dog, the Dog’s Trust have been inundated with offers to foster dogs. Runa Hannagan, Deputy Veterinary Advisor and Adam Clowes, Operations Director, talk to Nick Stuart about how they are managing this and the other unexpected challenges thrown up by the coronavirus crisis.

Older Podcasts

A Scottish equine practice adapts to the new world order.

Liz Somerville, Loch Leven Equine Practice.

Liz Somerville founded Loch Leven Equine Vets in Kinross with her husband and fellow Director Hugh fifteen years ago. She is Practice Manager and they have six vets, some part time, providing a service for horse owners across Central Scotland. She discusses the challenges facing equine practice and livery yards and why she will be swapping her riding boots for running shoes for the next month or so. 

Report from New York

Bash Harlow, Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and a Licensed Veterinary Technician, New York and Pennsylvania, USA.

Bash Halow is a certified practice manager and licensed veterinary technician, based in New York . He is a veterinary business advisor with clients who are practice owners across the US. He describes the mood among vet practices he is talking to in the US and paints a vivid and sobering picture of his native New York as of Monday 23 March.

Daventry Vets

Dr Sarah Aldridge, Daventry Veterinary Clinic, UK. 

Sarah Aldridge founded Daventry Vets in 2001, a two woman, small animal practice. Sarah is likely to be typical of many small independent practices trying to make sense of the rapid and extraordinary changes facing her, her team and her clients. This podcast was recorded on Monday 23 March as Sarah took in the messages from the BVA webinar the day before.

Meadow Farm Vets

Sophie Aylett, Meadow Farm Vets, Worcestershire

Sophie Aylett set up Meadow Farm Vets with her husband Richard ten years ago. They cover Worcestershire and have expanded into neighbouring Shropshire. Meadow Farm Vets were winners of the Small Practice Category in the SPVS Wellbeing Awards two years ago. Keeping her five permanent vets and the locums who join them during the busy spring period, happy and safe is Sophie’s key priority.

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