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COVID-19 and The Veterinary Profession: Looking after yourself and your team

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In partnership with SPVS and VMG. The views expressed within these podcasts do not necessarily represent the views of SPVS or VMG.

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Laura Muir and Rosie the Bake-Off Vet head up Well Vet Weekend

The third Wellvet event will take place virtually on Saturday 23 May with a star studded line up. As well as Laura Muir talking about training for the Olympics and Rosie Brandreth-Poynter baking cakes, there will be virtual yoga, meditation and runs. Along with some great CPD from Carolyne Crowe, Libby Kemkaren-Thompson and Jenny Guyat among others.
Wellvet co-founder, Liz Barton chats to Jenny Stuart about the ideas and the ambition behind Wellvet and where it might go next. Boehringer are overall sponsors and SPVS are sponsoring Laura Muir in conversation with Gudrun Ravetz. More details from

Stress and Anxiety: what’s normal and what’s not

Kelly Paul, Clinical Psychologist, Bristol.

Kelly Paull is a clinical psychologist who has been working with doctors and nurses on Covid 19 wards in Bristol. In this podcast she offers some advice to veterinary teams. While not wishing to play down the anxiety many people will be feeling, she also says it is not helpful to pathologize something that right now is to be expected whether you are a front line NHS worker, a vet or practice manager, or anyone on furlough or working from home. She is in conversation with her Mum, Nicky Paull, a retired vet and practice owner, a non-executive director of VDS, and a past President of BVA.  

If you are worried about the welfare of yourself or others, visit

Recorded 22 April 2020

COVID-19: Planning for the next chapter

Gavin Mitchell, VMG.

Following the joint SPVS/VMG survey of members, VMG have been looking at ways they can support practice managers through the crisis. In this podcast, VMG Director, Gavin Mitchell, who is also MD of IMV Imaging, talks to Nick Stuart about looking after your teams during the crisis, but also starting to plan ahead to life beyond the Covid 19 lockdown.

Recorded 15 April 2020

A Practice Manager’s experience

Following up from Carolyne Crowe’s advice on how best to look after yourself and your team during the crisis, we eavesdrop on a conversation between retired vet, Nicky Paull and her friend Renay Rickard who looks after a multi-site mixed practice with 120 staff including 41 vets. Kernow Vets recently won a Healthy Workplace award from Cornwall Council and take their team wellbeing really seriously. Renay talks about what that looks like in practice, the particular stresses she faced as leader and some of her coping mechanisms. 

Recorded 10 April 2020

Looking after you and your team

Carolyne Crowe, VDS Training

It is unlikely many people have faced as much upheaval in their lives in as short a time as we all have over the past few weeks. For veterinary practice owners and leaders, that has often meant many many new decisions each day. They have the double whammy of furloughed staff and lower turnover, but a hugely increased personal workload as they try to get their heads around ever changing circumstances. Jenny Stuart spoke to Carolyne Crowe about the importance of looking after yourself as well as your team during the Covid 19 crisis
Carolyne will be taking part in regular ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Webinars with VDS Training. Click here for more details

If you are worried about the welfare of yourself or others, visit

Recorded 8 April 2020

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